Is this in the plan?

I’ve been on a training plan written by Coach Raeleigh Harris for the Oakland Triathlon Club. We’re training for the Oakland Triathlon at the end of August. Her plan is fantastic, but jeez it’s kicking my butt.

If I could train full time, I’d have a great time with the plan, but unfortunately I do have to pay for things (like more triathlons), so I have to work. I often have to readjust which activity I’m doing and when, but that seems to be the glory of triathlon. Can’t make it to the pool? Then run! Don’t feel like running today? Get on the bike! Can’t handle the hills today? Cruise somewhere flat!

What I’m so impressed with is how each aspect affects your overall fitness. When I was swimming in college, could I run like I have been? Heck no, I literally was struggling to run 2 miles. I definitely wasn’t biking anywhere, since my Franken-Bike (more info to follow!) was my first bike in 10 years and my Trek (again, check it out later!) is 4 months new to me. Can I keep up with the sets I was doing in the pool 2 years ago? No, not for 12+ hours a week, but my speed is still there, and my endurance is 85% of what it was in my peak training. All of these activities are playing into each other, and helping me to be in the best shape I’ve ever been.

Find me on Strava! Or don't, I'm not the boss of you.
Find me on Strava! Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.

All that said, I may or may not have skipped my workout today (here’s a hint: I did).

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