Training Recap – July 10

Terrible Bay Area traffic can actually work in your favor. Sometimes.

Today I was able to work from home rather than fight traffic. It also provided me the opportunity to get a workout in during lunch and after work.

Soon! Soon this will connect to Treasure Island.
No, seriously. You can practice your 10m platform (more like 50m) if you climb over the yellow fence.

First up: Bike.

With only an hour, I had to get a quick sprint ride in. I decided the Bay Bridge Trail would be my best bet. It was freezing when I left, so I threw on a long sleeve under layer. I was glad I had it – the wind was really picking up on the bridge.

I wasn't messing around. Definitely wanted to get this ride done!
I wasn’t messing around. Definitely wanted to get this ride done!

I think my favorite part about this ride is the name of the segments – “Col de Target” (obviously pronounced “tar-jay”), “Col de Ikea,” and quite a few kickers.

Next: Run.

After work, I was starving. So I ate first dinner at about 5:30. I started my run around 7 pm, and the weather was perfect. Didn’t matter much, though, I was definitely tired. I hit 7km and was happy enough. My pace was the same as my past few runs, where I was hitting 10km comfortably, but those were all without rides earlier in the day.

Casual. Decided to go clockwise tonight.
Casual. Decided to go clockwise tonight.

End of the day, I’m very grateful for the gem of a town I live and train in. I’ve got a built in track, flatlands, hills, coastline, and forests – but shh, Oakland is our secret.

Can't complain about this view.
Can’t complain about this view.

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