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Training Recap – July 12

Productive Sunday mornings feel great.

Did you get a good workout in today? I got to swim in Aquatic Park in San Francisco with an old teammate. He’s training for a Channel Crossing (as in, English Channel) – whoa. That’s a little long for me! And he’s training to follow real open water rules. As in no wet suit.

Fortunately, that means he’s training at a pace that I can keep up with.

Our plan was a 2-mile swim in Aquatic Park. Neither of us like the perimeter route very much, so we went with the down and backs. It was like swimming a 200 (4×50) in the pool, except that each lap was 200 meters.

On top of everything, we held a 1:22-1:25/100m pace – pretty fast for an open water swim. Today was a good day!

Sometimes GPS watches don’t like water. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.
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