Training Recap – August 8

Today I went BONKERS.

Unfortunately, not in a good way. Right now, I’m using ‘bonk’ as a general term. Technically, I’m not sure what happened on my bike other than under-nutrition. My run was poor due to overwhelmingly strong side stitches. Just a rough day in general.

Even though they were poor workouts, nearly 10 hours apart, still gotta keep track.
Even though they were poor workouts, nearly 10 hours apart, still gotta keep track.

Here’s what I’m taking out of today:

  1. Eat some stinking breakfast.
  2. SERIOUSLY eat breakfast.
  3. Take the day before into consideration – eat for fuel.

Even though today was pretty negative, I’m pretty pleased with the beginning splits from each workouts. Some nice PRs on my ride and a really good opening pace on my run. More importantly, however, I recognized my limitations on my ride today. I was super close to the top of Skyline, and not ONE thing seemed really bad – but a combination of factors made me realize something was wrong. I am so glad I listened to my intuition, because as I rolled to a stop, I became very uneasy. My balance faltered. I was dizzy in the same way as when I stand up too fast, and (poorly) laid my bike on the pavement. I sat down on the shoulder (fortunately, I happened to find a very wide spot), and literally just stayed put for about 10 minutes. One man asked if I was ok, and I knew the feeling would pass so I said yes – but it is nice to know that fellow riders are looking out for each other. I played it really safe on my descent, and even though I pass some of my favorite coffee shops on the route home, I knew it was a better idea to just cruise in and get some food in me.

Ugh. Oh well. Today was a practical learning experience, for sure.

Tomorrow is a long swim day! And I bet you can’t guess what I’ll be doing beforehand (hint: I’ll be eating breakfast).

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