Setting up for success but met with failure

Well, this morning was a run where everything was set up to go perfectly and it really didn’t go well at all.

Gah. I’ll keep this short. I feel like I wasted my good gear on a crappy run. I know that’s not really how it works, but I’m not sure how else to express it. I was planning on running a 7-mile loop through Piedmont and around Lake Merritt – the same route I ran on Thanksgiving. Put on my cushioned shoes, warm socks, favorite shorts and top, and started the run. Piedmont Ave was really busy but I dealt with it, dodging shoppers and walkers – no big deal – but I think I started out too quickly. I don’t know. Two miles in, my knee was aching every single step.

Well, there's the whole Lake, the whole Lake I couldn't run around today...
Well, there’s the whole Lake, the whole Lake I couldn’t run around today…

I’m frustrated because I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong, I’m frustrated because I got my good gear all sweaty for a short run, and I’m frustrated because I didn’t get to finish my whole run.

I’m currently icing my knee. Here’s hoping it’s doing way better tomorrow!

Running now at 79 merry miles to go.

5 thoughts on “Setting up for success but met with failure

  1. Now that it’s kinda cold outside, warming up is super important. Injury or just feeling hurt and ruining the run can happen very easily. So a very gradual increase in pace, combined with targeted movement of specific vulnerable areas, such that reaching your standard pace feels natural, is very important. Even a small (and sweaty) run is better than nothing though. Everybody has their shitty days, so no worries. If most days are good, and you’re progressing, that the important thing. It’s important to know when to push it and when to be wise. Hopefully the pain was just temporary and your knee is ok. Keep it up!

    1. Mike – you’re probably right! I started out walking / jogging (ugh-shudder, hate that word), but now that you say this I think I jumped up to speed too quickly. So smart! 🙂
      And thanks for the kind words. I’ve been sitting on my butt working the past few days and longing to go out, but I still feel the ache every once in a while. I’m thinking of doing a walk/run session on the treadmill to warm up properly AND stay warm?
      Thanks again!!

  2. We haven’t heard from you in a while! Is the knee still bothering you? How’s the merry miles challenge coming along?

    1. Aw Mike thanks for checking in! Merry Miles, in running terms, has come to an abrupt stop for me. I need to post – unfortunately, the knee problem didn’t go away. I’ve stayed off it for the past two weeks but tomorrow is my first day back! Hoping for a positive Christmas run.

      1. That’s too bad. Have you seen someone about it? Hopefully the prolonged rest helped. Warm up well and take it easy at the beginning. And you don’t need to post if you don’t feel like it. Just get well and have fun!

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