Finally! Good News!

What a rollercoaster the past few weeks have been!

My knee was not too thrilled to be a part of my body the past few weeks. Something was funky, something was weird. I probably should have visited the doctor (do as I say, not as I do), but I didn’t… it seems like it may have worked itself out! Unfortunately, not with enough time to complete the Merry Miles I committed myself to, but I am so glad to know about it and will try to spread a smile on all my workouts going forward.

I took a few weeks off of activity all together. I had some sheer nuttiness in my life (which, for privacy’s sake, I can’t delve into), but there were days when I wished I could have run but knew I shouldn’t. Those were tough! Plus, it’s been too dark (and cold) here when I’m home to get a ride in, so that wasn’t an option.

Christmas Day was my first run back. I did my two-mile “around the block” run – it’s all right turns so I don’t have to wait at any major traffic lights – and to be honest, my knee didn’t feel great starting at the first half mile. I got back out there the next day, and my knee kept feeling like it was going to hurt. You know that feeling? Where something feels off and it seems like it may need to pop or tweak or something… but it doesn’t go away? Fortunately it was fine! And I had a good run! Feel free to keep me accountable and check my Strava.

TODAY was even better news! I started my (ohgodisthisreal) half marathon schedule today with a three-miler on the treadmill, and it wasn’t miserable AND my knee was totally fine! I’m on a cloud right now and super thrilled. Shout out to Mike and Eric for keeping me positive and all the great advice!!

I hope you guys had a great holiday season! Did you get any cool triathlon / running / athletic gear for your winter holidays? I did not, but I did receive a gorgeous wool blanket and I am totally obsessed with it.

So, recap: I failed Merry Miles, but my knee isn’t killing me anymore. Great success. Oh – and I don’t have any good running pictures, so here’s me and the baby kitty we rescued (she’s doing so much better!

This is Itty Bitty Kitty. Her official name is "Pippi" but I doubt that will stick for much longer!
This is Itty Bitty Kitty. Her official name is “Pippi” but I doubt that will stick for much longer!


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