This week in training: January 3 – 9

January 3 – 9: Here’s the plan.

Let’s think of this as a series. The goal is to share the training plan for the week every Sunday, with a recap of the previous week as well!

I’m starting week two of the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Half Marathon program. Even though I’ve completed two half marathons (Oakland and Berkeley), I was not impressed with my performance. I think I overestimated my fitness and mental strength, and I’m ready to re-commit. Plus, establishing a running base of fitness will be crucial for my 2016 triathlon season!

Sunday, January 3 Long run, 4 miles; rolling session // Monday, January 4 30 minute spin at the gym; stretching session // Tuesday, January 5 Pace run, 3 miles at 9:45 min/mile // Wednesday, January 6 Short run, 2 miles // Thursday, January 7 Pace run, 3 miles at 9:55 min/mile; bodyweight strength training (now is not the time to start a strength training program! Too late!) // Friday, January 8 Rest day (what am I going to do with myself?!) // Saturday, January 9 Bike day, at least an hour

Previous week: Great success. Hit all my training days and felt good while doing it!

Sunday, December 27 Rest day // Monday, December 28 Stretching session // Tuesday, December 29 Pace run, 3 miles at 10:00 min/mile // Wednesday, December 30 Short run, 2 miles at 9:15 min/mile // Thursday, December 31 Pace run, 3 miles at 10:00 min/mile // Friday, January 1 Bike Day; 14 miles on the Bay Bridge // Saturday, January 2 Swim day! 2,000 yards in the pool.

Big news this week: I am one of the 2016 Topo Athletic Ambassadors! I'm thrilled and honored and can't wait to share more :)
Big news this week: I am one of the 2016 Topo Athletic Ambassadors! I’m thrilled and honored and can’t wait to share more 🙂


5 thoughts on “This week in training: January 3 – 9

  1. I’m also using the Hal Higdon Novice I Training Plan! Currently on week two. Although I’ve never run farther than a 10K 🙂 I’m using it to train for a 10 mile race in April, while simultaneously preparing for my first triathlon.

    1. Ah fantastic! I really like it so far – I am a person who craves routine, so the weekly structure is super helpful. Which triathlon are you preparing for and which distance? I won’t lie, I definitely prefer the variety in triathlon over running-specific events. 🙂

      1. Yes, same here. I’m using the cross training days for swimming and totally skipping strength (womp womp). Yoga counts?

        I start training with a TriClub next month for Tri Rock Philadelphia. They’ve convinced me to go for the Olympic (!!). Hope I can keep up with the running plan when that ramps up. Any tips?

      2. Swimming is totally cross training – and I promise, you’re strength training when you’re in the water, too. And yoga is great!

        Eeek Olympic fun!! I haven’t actually raced that distance yet – but if you’ve got a team beside you, they’ll help keep your multi-sport balance in check, so your run will stay strong 🙂 just make sure you spend time on the bike!! Fantastic, good luck!!

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