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This week in training: January 24 – 30

January 24 – 30: Let’s make some moves

First day back to Master’s practices? Check. New (huge) opportunity tomorrow? Double check. Let’s make this happen.

Sunday, January 24 Long run, 5 miles // Monday, January 25 Master’s swim in the morning // Tuesday, January 26 Pace run, 4 miles – looking for a 9:45 min/mile pace // Wednesday, January 27 Short run, 2 miles – love having a foundation route literally around the block // Thursday, January 28 Pace run, 4 miles, and hopefully a master’s swim in the morning or evening  // Friday, January 29 Rest day! // Saturday, January 30 Probably going to Master’s and bike (weather-dependent). May throw a run in too. DO ALL THE THINGS.

Previous week: Alright. Getting in the groove! Still not perfectly consistent but ready for a new routine!!!

On top of all the other good news, I am a 2016 TOPO AMBASSADOR!! I love these shoes and I love what they do for me.

Sunday, January 17 Long run, 4 miles Nope, friend was in town. // Monday, January 18 Long run, 4 miles and recover after a friend weekend // Tuesday, January 19 Rest day partly because I’m exhausted, partly because my apartment flooded, and partly because I am lazy // Wednesday, January 20 Pace run, 3.5 miles at 9:45 min/miles still dealing with flooding, just had to go home and wait it out // Thursday, January 21 Swim in the morning and pace run, 3.5 miles at 9:55 min/mile; core strength training – ran with Sports Basement Berkeley and attended a foot strengthening clinic – so far, very painful but helpful  // Friday, January 22 Easy 2 miler Last day of old job, needed to just decompress // Saturday, January 23 Mixing it up with swimming, headed back to Cal Aquatic Masters!!!! So excited. Ran a 2 mile brick after for good measure!

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