This week in training: January 24 – 30

January 24 – 30: Well, a new job is hard work

I’m thrilled to have started a new job this week! It’s been a little crazy, especially considering that I am also moving on Wednesday of next week.

Sunday, January 31 Long run, 6 miles (check, most excellent) // Monday, February 1 Master’s swim in the morning (we’ll see how this goes) // Tuesday, February 2 Pace run, 4 miles – looking for a 9:45 min/mile pace // Wednesday, February 3 Short run, 2 miles – love having a foundation route literally around the block // Thursday, February 4 Pace run, 4 miles, and hopefully a master’s swim in the morning or evening  // Friday, February 5 Rest day! // Saturday, February 6 Master’s swim and a chill run afterwards

Previous week: So much for the groove. Looking forward to that next week.  Working on it.

Gorgeous day around Lake Merritt!! Can’t complain about six miles in my Topos 🙂

Sunday, January 24 Long run, 5 miles (yuuupp) // Monday, January 25 Master’s swim in the morning (nooooope) // Tuesday, January 26 Pace run, 4 miles – looking for a 9:45 min/mile pace  (noooope) // Wednesday, January 27 Short run, 2 miles (nooope) // Thursday, January 28 Pace run, 4 miles (not quite) // Friday, January 29 Rest day! (psh got it) // Saturday, January 30 Master’s and bike (Noope)


6 thoughts on “This week in training: January 24 – 30

  1. Looks like there’s a lot going on right now! Exciting times. Are you still sticking with the training program or are you adjusting and taking it more slowly after incomplete weeks? Best of luck with everything and keep it up.

    1. Like you’ve noticed, I’ve definitely fallen off a little bit. I try to keep the mileage up by increasing the distance on the days I’m able to get out! It probably isn’t the greatest idea, but so far so good. Plus, once I’m moved in (tomorrow!!) there are NO EXCUSES 😀

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