Pity, Party of One

No, I’m not asking for your empathy or pity. Just hosting my own little pity party from my bed.

So I needed to run 5 miles according to my half marathon plan last week. I didn’t get up in the morning and brought my stuff to work, instead. And forgot socks. I never get blisters, and I’ve put in almost 200 miles on this pair of shoes, and I wound up with a massive (ok, not compared to some of the monstrosities Google can present) blister on my right arch.

I’ve been carefully treating the bad boy for several days, and since it lives on the bottom of my foot, there’s very little blood flow and hence… slow recovery.

At least I have my new Topo Hydroventures waiting for me to hit the El Nino-soaked trails once I'm better!
At least I have my new Topo Hydroventures waiting for me to hit the El Nino-soaked trails once I’m better!

And, shocker, this morning I discovered that in the process of growing the giant blister, subsequently ripping through the giant blister, and not stopping, I actually had formed another blister within the giant jerkface blister. Yep, read that right: blister on raw foot skin inside blister one. EFFFF that. I’ve got 11 days until the Oakland Half Marathon, so you’d think I’d be training through it, right?

Well, nope, because I”m in bed. With the flu. Which has gone around my whole office and I thought I missed. Apparently it only lasts 48 hours, but I’m only on hour 24. Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Pity, Party of One

  1. You are in the best possible time of your training to have the flu (if there is such a thing?!). With eleven days out you have the majority of your training under your belt so if you don’t end up running before the race you won’t lose the fitness you have gained in the last several weeks. But, eleven days is plenty of time to fully recover from the flu and your blister – er, blisters. Best of luck to you in Oakland!!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I definitely needed to read this! Good thing to think about as I get ready for next weekend!!

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