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It’s RACING Season!

The sun is setting later, we’re dusting off our outdoor riding clothes, and wait – was that a forearm? And a calf?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to get ahead of myself here in Boulder. When I visited last year pre-move, it snowed – a lot – the day we left (in mid-April)! But we’re getting hints of spring, with warm days, clear skies, less ice… it is really encouraging.

It is weird to be here in a colder climate where racing season starts so much later. Friends back in California are revving up for the first race of the year in a month or less (see: Oceanside 70.3) while I’m counting down the days until I’m wearing shorts again.

Me? I’ve got my first race coming up in 7 short weeks: Ironman St. George, the 2021 World Championship. This will be my first Ironman, after originally registering for Santa Rosa in 2020, deferring that (thanks covid) to Coeur d’Alene, and deferring that (moved to CO) to St. George. And then it became a World Championship! I am super excited, super terrified, and super glad to be here in Boulder training surrounded by incredible athletes!

What are your plans this year? Is there anything I can help with? Want to review your racing schedule or get some guidance on your training? Drop me a line!

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