Oakland Triathlon Festival – Bike Preview

I like knowing what I'm getting myself into. Is that obvious yet? Today OTC previewed the Oakland Triathlon Festival Bike Course! Basic course overview: Don't plan on getting up to speed until you get to the port Don't underestimate the size or number of potholes Do expect to see a bunch of awesome Oakland locals … Continue reading Oakland Triathlon Festival – Bike Preview

Oakland Triathlon Festival – Preview to the Preview

It’s almost time – we are officially 16 days out from the Second Annual Oakland Triathlon Festival. I have been really distracted since the Sandman. I was working on a run foundation all last week, hitting a solid two-mile loop for five days, but this week has been negligible at best. I swam hard on … Continue reading Oakland Triathlon Festival – Preview to the Preview

Training Recap – August 8

Today I went BONKERS. Unfortunately, not in a good way. Right now, I'm using 'bonk' as a general term. Technically, I'm not sure what happened on my bike other than under-nutrition. My run was poor due to overwhelmingly strong side stitches. Just a rough day in general. Here's what I'm taking out of today: Eat … Continue reading Training Recap – August 8

Sandman Triathlon – Shark-not-O

Can't believe it - my second race is in the books! I competed in the Santa Cruz State Lifeguard Association's Sandman Triathlon. Date: August 2, 2015      |      Location: Aptos, CA Weather: Cool, overcast, 64 degrees Race: Modified Sprint      |      Age Group: 20-24 Results: Division – 1/4; Overall – … Continue reading Sandman Triathlon – Shark-not-O

Sandman Preview

I went to a classic theater in Oakland a few weeks ago to watch Jaws on the big screen. Great idea for an open water swimmer. It was 2 days after I had registered for the Sandman Triathlon in Aptos, California (August 2). And you know what was discovered the day before that? Fifteen great white shark … Continue reading Sandman Preview

Training Recap – July 11

You've heard of "sharrows," right? They're a city's alternative to dedicated bike lanes; they allow a cyclist to use the whole lane. Or, you know, share. Sharing. Marked with arrows. Sharrows. I don't know if "sharrow" is the amalgamation of "share" and "arrow" but it suddenly clicked in my head on journey through Emeryville today. Today was … Continue reading Training Recap – July 11

Training Recap – July 10

Terrible Bay Area traffic can actually work in your favor. Sometimes. Today I was able to work from home rather than fight traffic. It also provided me the opportunity to get a workout in during lunch and after work. First up: Bike. With only an hour, I had to get a quick sprint ride in. I decided … Continue reading Training Recap – July 10