Thanksgiving Day Post; or, Yes This is a Day Overdue

Whoops. Yell at me, I meant to share this yesterday. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It revolves around food and togetherness. People wake up early to do an activity before gorging themselves (Turkey Trots, hikes, and so on), and then spend time together cooking and eating - I guess some people watch … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day Post; or, Yes This is a Day Overdue

Ugh. Where have you been?!

Where have I been? I’ve been busy. Is that a lame answer? Yep. Really sorry, though. I promise I’ll be better about keeping current and relevant. What am I doing? I am currently feeling guilty that I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been working, training, working some more, eating, sleeping… Lots of all of those things. … Continue reading Ugh. Where have you been?!

Let’s talk let-down.

It's the week before race day. As you fall asleep each night, you're thinking about your race. Your swim. Your sprint to transition. Your bike, your T2, and your run. Your finish. You wake up on race day, ready to go. And then its over. Now what? Growing up swimming, I experienced post-meet 'let down' … Continue reading Let’s talk let-down.