Finally! Good News!

What a rollercoaster the past few weeks have been! My knee was not too thrilled to be a part of my body the past few weeks. Something was funky, something was weird. I probably should have visited the doctor (do as I say, not as I do), but I didn't... it seems like it may have … Continue reading Finally! Good News!

Setting up for success but met with failure

Well, this morning was a run where everything was set up to go perfectly and it really didn't go well at all. Gah. I'll keep this short. I feel like I wasted my good gear on a crappy run. I know that's not really how it works, but I'm not sure how else to express … Continue reading Setting up for success but met with failure

The Cliched “Dread-Mill” Post

I did a quick 5k on the treadmill tonight and reminded myself of why I haven't been on a dreadtreadmill in 8 years. Do you have any motivation tips? Tips to keep yourself entertained? Help me treadmill runners, you're my only hope! But really, honestly, I haven't been on a treadmill for longer than a … Continue reading The Cliched “Dread-Mill” Post

I prefer sushi to foam rolls.

My knee has been acting up a few miles into my runs recently, so I thought it would be a good idea to foam roll the supporting muscles today. Lesson learned: foam rolling is a practice in consistency. There are plenty of foam rolling routines out there. I prefer this one from USAT. Because I'm … Continue reading I prefer sushi to foam rolls.

Thanksgiving Day Post; or, Yes This is a Day Overdue

Whoops. Yell at me, I meant to share this yesterday. Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It revolves around food and togetherness. People wake up early to do an activity before gorging themselves (Turkey Trots, hikes, and so on), and then spend time together cooking and eating - I guess some people watch … Continue reading Thanksgiving Day Post; or, Yes This is a Day Overdue

Run on an Island – Alameda Does Holiday Kick-Offs Right

This past Saturday was the Alameda Holiday Kick-Off 5k, benefitting the Multiple Myeloma Foundation (in honor and memory of the RD's father). There was an impressive showing from OTC and ETPA (Elite Triathlon Performance America) at the race! I made the mistake of thinking a burrito would be a fantastic dinner choice the night before. Spoiler … Continue reading Run on an Island – Alameda Does Holiday Kick-Offs Right

Morro Bay – Theme: Rock

Bestie Race!!! Quick note: anything 'rock' related was fair game for jokes this weekend. Detour on 101? Rock Road. Instagram topic? Dwayne Johnson. Looming geological feature which Mom and I spent hours reading about on Wikipedia? Morro Rock (it is actually super cool). Really - all we talked about this weekend was 'rock' in all … Continue reading Morro Bay – Theme: Rock