All Terrain Endurance is about seizing opportunities to take whichever trail lies before you. The endurance sport world is a wide-open playground, with ample occasions to utilize fitness. Whether you dream of completing a 5km running event, racing an ultra-distance triathlon, or hurtling down and clambering up mountains, your fitness should allow you to achieve your goals while also enjoying all that life has to offer – across all sorts of terrain. 

Coach KJ is an experienced swim and triathlon coach with over 15 years of experience working with athletes of all ages and abilities. Whether you are seeking guided and one-on-one coaching or just a little bit of help, All Terrain Endurance is here to be your resource. 

All Terrain Endurance thrives on flexibility within structure. Some athletes prefer to wade into prescribed training plans, while others dive right in to a fully custom coaching relationship. All Terrain Endurance offers a variety of programs and clinics to fit individual and group needs and budgets. For more information, please see our plans and pricing, or reach out to Coach KJ directly