Brazen Bay Breeze: 10km Race Report

The race was fantastic, but I'll be honest with you - I was miserable. Not through anything the organizers, volunteers, or other racers did. I have no idea what happened, but I was in pain, I was exhausted, and I hated every second of that run. I was unable-to-walk-sore for a full day, literally parked it … Continue reading Brazen Bay Breeze: 10km Race Report

Setting up for success but met with failure

Well, this morning was a run where everything was set up to go perfectly and it really didn't go well at all. Gah. I'll keep this short. I feel like I wasted my good gear on a crappy run. I know that's not really how it works, but I'm not sure how else to express … Continue reading Setting up for success but met with failure

The Cliched “Dread-Mill” Post

I did a quick 5k on the treadmill tonight and reminded myself of why I haven't been on a dreadtreadmill in 8 years. Do you have any motivation tips? Tips to keep yourself entertained? Help me treadmill runners, you're my only hope! But really, honestly, I haven't been on a treadmill for longer than a … Continue reading The Cliched “Dread-Mill” Post

I prefer sushi to foam rolls.

My knee has been acting up a few miles into my runs recently, so I thought it would be a good idea to foam roll the supporting muscles today. Lesson learned: foam rolling is a practice in consistency. There are plenty of foam rolling routines out there. I prefer this one from USAT. Because I'm … Continue reading I prefer sushi to foam rolls.

Ugh. Where have you been?!

Where have I been? I’ve been busy. Is that a lame answer? Yep. Really sorry, though. I promise I’ll be better about keeping current and relevant. What am I doing? I am currently feeling guilty that I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been working, training, working some more, eating, sleeping… Lots of all of those things. … Continue reading Ugh. Where have you been?!

Training Recap – July 11

You've heard of "sharrows," right? They're a city's alternative to dedicated bike lanes; they allow a cyclist to use the whole lane. Or, you know, share. Sharing. Marked with arrows. Sharrows. I don't know if "sharrow" is the amalgamation of "share" and "arrow" but it suddenly clicked in my head on journey through Emeryville today. Today was … Continue reading Training Recap – July 11