Oakland Triathlon Festival – Preview to the Preview

It’s almost time – we are officially 16 days out from the Second Annual Oakland Triathlon Festival. I have been really distracted since the Sandman. I was working on a run foundation all last week, hitting a solid two-mile loop for five days, but this week has been negligible at best. I swam hard on … Continue reading Oakland Triathlon Festival – Preview to the Preview

Training Recap – July 25

You may choose to ignore it, but there is life in the open water. My training buddy and I were standing at water's edge in San Francisco's Aquatic Park today, when not 5 yards away, a harbor seal was scouting the beach. I know what you're thinking - you're in San Francisco, wouldn't that be … Continue reading Training Recap – July 25

Training Recap – July 12

Productive Sunday mornings feel great. Did you get a good workout in today? I got to swim in Aquatic Park in San Francisco with an old teammate. He's training for a Channel Crossing (as in, English Channel) - whoa. That's a little long for me! And he's training to follow real open water rules. As in … Continue reading Training Recap – July 12

Training Recap – July 11

You've heard of "sharrows," right? They're a city's alternative to dedicated bike lanes; they allow a cyclist to use the whole lane. Or, you know, share. Sharing. Marked with arrows. Sharrows. I don't know if "sharrow" is the amalgamation of "share" and "arrow" but it suddenly clicked in my head on journey through Emeryville today. Today was … Continue reading Training Recap – July 11