Training Recap – July 27

Taaaper. Or at least a miniature one.

Swim night! My favorite. Got to write the workout for the group – here it is:

Warm Up 
250 Swim (bilateral breathing freestyle)
200 Drill / Free by lap (odds catch-up, evens swim; still bilateral breathing)
100 Kick (choice – board, no board, stomach or back)
50 Choice (down and back to get ready for main set)
Main Set
2x through the Main Set – take a minute or two between rounds
1×300 (swam as 4×75 continuous [no breaks], build each 75 to 80/85% speed and start over)
1×200 (hold race pace [your race pace for your distance])
1×100 (sprint laps 1 and 4; easy in the middle)
200 Warm Down
(2000 total)

This can easily be adjusted to be a longer workout. The main set is currently 1200 yards. Wanna hit 3k? Go 4 times through the main set – boom, 3200 yards.

I felt great tonight, which was a relief after not feeling awesome all weekend.

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